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Thread: Favorite Ads Settings and bug

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    Favorite Ads Settings and bug


    1- I selected the option "Show Total Favorites in listing Pa". Then save the settings.
    In my surprise, the option stay always unselected. is it normal behavior?

    2-I need also to know, Where the visitor who isn't connect can see his favorites ads? ( I selected the option "Allow Favourite Accesss to Non-Logged in Users")

    3- Information about "favorites ads" isn't translated to french. It stay in english although my site is in french.

    4- For the user who is connected, on his Dashboard, We have the link on: My Favorite Ads
    If the use clicks on the link "My orders", the link "My Favorite Ads" disappear doesn't it appear anymore.

    If he clicks the link "my ads or my profil", the link "My Favorite Ads" always stays .

    Thanks in advance,
    Guy France

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