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Thread: fxtender on creating robots.txt file

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    fxtender on creating robots.txt file

    Dear Admin,

    I have both the job roller and the fxtender.

    1. It says that I want to use the resume upload feature, i should have a rots.txt file on my root folder to block indexing. I am not a techno savy person. How do I do this?

    Robots.txt file not found.

    Your \wp-content folder may be visible to search engine crawlers. If you're using the 'Resume Upload' feature, you should have a robots.txt file on your root folder to block indexing. You should create a robots.txt file or copy the /extras/robots.txt file bundled with FXtender to your root folder.

    2. I bought fxtender hoping the bank transfer would be easy to set up. It said that I need to create a page to instruct client to enter info needed. How does the bank transfer happen. Is there no specific page where client can enter their account # etc and payment go to our bank?

    Thanks so much.

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