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Thread: Latest update does not work on my site

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    Latest update does not work on my site

    Go Fetch Jobs stopped working a few months ago on most of the feeds. There was an update available but my subscription for it was expired and I decided to wait and renew it after I moved my site to another host. I moved my site to a new host a couple of weeks ago and had to re-install some of the plugins. I just renewed this plugin and updated it with the latest version. It didnít pull any feeds. It didnít import any jobs on any of my existing import templates. It timed out and sent me to a blank page every time I attempted to import.

    I am using JobRoller with Flatroller child theme. It was working fine until around November. The last time it successfully imported anything was with version 2.2.2. I just deleted version 2.3, re-installed v2.2 and it works Ė barely.

    As a side note, I also noticed a lot of the default job feeds are no good anymore. It seems most all of the big job boards are not allowing their RSS feeds to be used in this way and prefer affiliates and others to use their proprietary widgets or apps instead. It seems to me the days of apps and plug-ins like Go Fetch Jobs are numbered. Am I missing something here?

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