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    Classipress Child Theme

    Hi everyone! I hope everything is fine with you!

    I am finalizing the parameterization of the classipress template to operate with the public, I have some points of doubt, please excuse me for gathering them into a single thread, but I think that the solution should not be complex to solve, only that I do not identify well how to handle it.

    Point # 1: All the work of parameters, translation and design of forms I am doing on the original theme. I am worried about having a problem that warrants updating the version of the template (, to solveit, and losing some measure of the work done to date.

    That is why I am very grateful if you can guide me to know how I should handle this situation and be prepared, because once I am on the air it can be difficult to resolve this point (I guess). Should I create a child theme? If I do, how does this change affect the work we have done so far?

    Point # 2: I still have words that I cannot find to translate, neither in the widgets nor in the theme using locotranslate.
    Question: What instructions should I follow to find where to translate those missing words? I can't find where else to look ... Apparently I still don't understand it well.

    Point #3: When a new user registered, he goes directly to publish an ad (If he wants, and pay process is not relevant). Exists some classipress identity autentication process to apply for a new user before he post the first ad? (i.e. send to user an email to confirm a traves de button or link).

    Point #4: I see in the classipress settings that there is only the possibility of an email address to receive all the news of user transactions. Since user it is registered, until what is happening with each ad. Could this be changed with some strategy or some parameter, to divide the addressing of these news to several email addresses (different people)? For now I see that there is only the possibility of one email address for everything.

    As always, I thank you very much for the help and support you can provide me!

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