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Thread: Classipress - put yourself in a beginners point of view

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    Classipress - put yourself in a beginners point of view

    Seems like I might need a child theme, Can you please give me a step by step guide on how to install a child theme.

    I don't really want a child theme, cause I know very little about coding etc, But I guess it will come in handy for me in the future if I need to hire professional help. So are you able to show me how to install a child theme of classipress please?

    And I dont know really much about FTP, thats what im watching youtube videos as we speak. Such a new world for me, but its great.

    I look forward to your reply thank you

    Oh and another thing, I still can't get my featured listings to show on home page, and also why was home icon divert to sample page? I ended up deleting sample page and now Im getting this message

    Whoops! Page Not Found.

    The page or ad listing you are trying to reach no longer exists or has expired.

    I hope I havnt done anything wrong,

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