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Thread: Create Listing Not Working With Admin Account

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    Create Listing Not Working With Admin Account

    So whenever I log into my admin account and try to "post an ad" my browser loads a blank white screens but when i log into my test account it allows me to "post an ad" all of this is done with google chrome. So i tried to use microsoft edge and it was the same result. I cleared my cache and browser history on both browsers as well as my phone (safari). Then tried it again and it was the same issue. I contacted my host provider (hostgator) and created a test a account for them to see if it was something they could possibly troubleshoot. No luck with that option. So what I've narrowed down to is something going on with classipress because i was just using it testing ad forms and making a fake ad but out of no where it just stopped working.

    The issue only occurs when i try to post a listing with my admin. I thought maybe it was because of ad limitations but that wasn't that case either because if it was then it should automatically redirect to memberships.


    someone please help. I havent added anything new just been testing forms all morning and that happen out of nowhere.

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