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Thread: Custom Web Site Logo Dimensions

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    Custom Web Site Logo Dimensions

    Regarding, "ClassiPress > General Settings > Web Site Logo:", might anyone know the *maximum* height and width image that one can place there? I see the default ClassiPress image is 300x80, but it looks like there's a little more screen real estate available before encroaching on the areas above, below, and right toward the 468x60 banner.

    Thinking...OK, I just ran Firebug on the design, and see that class "header_main_res" uses a 940x80 box model--that would be if one chose not to display the 468x60 advertising banner--so looks like I may have answered my own question.

    Still, if anyone has any other insight into inserting a custom logo, I welcome all tips.

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    Re: Custom Web Site Logo Dimensions

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