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Thread: Developer Needed for Hire - Gravity Forms Plugin Fix/Review

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    Developer Needed for Hire - Gravity Forms Plugin Fix/Review

    Trying to find a developer that can help us with:

    1. Site Structure/Theme Review
    The site needs to be reviewed for any structural issues that are affecting stability and possibly SEO. There have been issues with features such as Posting a Job and Gravity Forms emails, error messages and user login/passwords. We believe some might be related to theme/plugin conflicts or updates.
    2. Gravity Forms Plugin Fix/Review
    The form submission is supposed to send an email notification, with attachment, to the Job Poster.
    3. Previous Developer Review
    We need to understand what was done, to what files, and how (if) it may affect the site in the future. We can provide a lot of background on what was done, but the developer is not available for questions.

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