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Thread: Google PageSpeed Accessibility (?)

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    Google PageSpeed Accessibility (?)

    HTML Code:
    Google PageSpeed Accessibility (?) It doesn't get better despite all my efforts.
    Do any of you have a ready-made code to fix it?
    I started to run the imagify plugin for my images, I think this plugin will solve the image issue.
    Can you help with other topics?

    mobile looks good.
    but this is the first time i face such a problem with desktop issues

    HTML Code:
    <div role="link" id="al" aria-label="Name"></div>
    <div role="button" id="alb" aria-labelledby="labeldiv"></div>
    <div role="menuitem" id="combo" aria-label="Aria Name">Name</div>
    <div role="link" id="title" title="Title">
    <p tabindex="0" aria-hidden="true">Some text</p></div>
    tried these but not responding

    does anyone know the right way?

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