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Thread: heeeeeeeeeeeelp me, please

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    heeeeeeeeeeeelp me, please

    I have recently purchased and installed your theme. For the most part I am very happy with the product however I find your support forum difficult to navigate and hard to find what I am looking for. You can check my site out at I go live with my site in less than a week and I have a couple of questions I am desperately seeking answers to:

    1.)I updated my version from 303 to 304 recently purely for the 'Bank Transfer' functionality. Regarding this feauture I am stumped with how I am able to reference the unique ad details...for example:

    Your Unique Ad Details

    Please include the following transaction and ad numbers when sending the bank transfer. Once your transfer has been verified, we will then approve your ad.
    Transaction #: 2724c72dfc037af9
    Ad Listing #: 852

    now when someone makes a payment with a reference to either the transaction ID or Ad listing # how do I cross reference this? I have tried searching from within the dash but nothing. Bank Transfer is essential to me and paypal is not an option.The second issue is that if I then go into dash (if the ad was posted by a member) I have my listing as follows:

    Title Status Options 1.Test Post| August 23, 2010 Awaiting payment

    The problem is although I chose 'Bank Transfer' it still shows the paypal logo with a hyperlink to paypal. I have tried hacking around but I'm no good, I admit it. Please please help me here

    The other thing I seem to have lost is the sub-category box when I go into a main category. How can I get this back?

    2.)Regarding the sizes of ad blocks. If no photo is posted with the ad can I have a more streamline ad without the blank photo or else how can I reduce the size of all ad blocks to roughly half the size they are at the moment?

    3.)I am implemented a change to allow posting without membership. Please advise if this will cause problems when going live

    4.)Is there a hack so I can search based on location in my main search box? Seems crazy this is not implemented at the moment

    I am desperate for some answers, please please help



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