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Thread: HTML works while disabled

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    HTML works while disabled

    I was posting a testing ad (as user not as admin) and tried the HTML code for a hyperlink, you know the <a href> tag.
    I accidentally forgot the quote at the end of the tag
    so it was this <a href=">mylink</a>
    and noticed this after I was sent to the ad preview page: Everything coming after that was turned into a hyperlink (the box with the rules and guide lines included).Off course I saw on mouseover it was going to a link consisting of gibberish so to speak and won't work.

    But because of this I continued with the ad to see what would happen (crash the script?). But the ad was placed without the bad hyperlink. However I see in the source code that it's not going the way it should. I can't explain it but viewing the source with Firefox shows the <div class> tags right after the </p> closing tag underlined and I know that should not be that way.

    When I enter the <a href> tag correctly in an ad, it just works fine.

    But actualy it SHOULDN'T WORK AT ALL, because I disabled HTML and that is for the above reason and scriptkiddies that wanna mess around with Javascript. I had a chatroom and that was hacked/cracked the same way.

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