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Thread: Login and Registration with error

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    Login and Registration with error

    Dear Friends

    I have a problem in my installation ClassiPress.
    I installed the latest version of wordpress and also the latest ClassiPress.

    When I finished the installation I noticed that the login screen and the screen had some registration errors of characters not displaying accents.

    As you can see in the image below.



    When the user is in any other part of the site, everything is ok. But when the user goes to login screen or to screen new user registration, this error appears.

    I've tried several possibilities. Install the file to translate ClassiPress, everything is fine, but exlclusivamente this page I do not know the reason for the error.

    Someone could help me? I confess that I've tried everything. I would help of a support team or some ClassiPress moderator.

    Sorry my English


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