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Thread: New code over the old one

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    New code over the old one

    I've seen the new 3.0 Classipress and am impressed with it, particularly with the front page having a side bar and more category fanctionality. Now, I'm developing on the older version and am sort half way through it. What I'm wondering is if and when I download the newer version, will the new version override much of the development I already did or will most of it fit into the new version. The reason being is that if it does override the old version, I may as well wait for the 3.0.1 before downloading. If that is the case, is there an approximate time on the wait. There is no problem....I have patience, as long as I know whether to continue developing on the old version or to just stop and wait for 3.0.1.

    Great job David

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    Re: New code over the old one

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