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Thread: The Payment API

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    The Payment API


    I have been study the payment api, or more the interacting with orders as i have been working on a shopping cart solution, i have found the 2 following problems and my questions is if there are any plans to do anything about it in the future.

    1. A hook/filter so it would be possible to hook into the payment form to change receiver.

    2. Another way to add items. Now you add an item type which also actually makes the quantity, this means if item type is ie. product and i choose to purchase 1000 items based on my ad it generates 1000 rows in my database, all with the same title/type which again means i get an invoice showing ie. 1000 rows of product at the same price.

    I have setup a working plugin where buyer can add/remove items, update cart etc. A few tweaks makes it look and work great for frontend users, but the admin order overview and invoice looks not good with lots of rows with the same content.


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