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Thread: Posts, ads and dashboards

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    Posts, ads and dashboards


    I've got an existing Wordpress blog with a couple of hundred posts and a separate existing classifieds site with about 1000 ads and I want to move everything to one Wordpress site if I can. The Classipress demo looks good, but I've had a couple of goes so far at installing Classipress on the existing Wordpress blog and I'm struggling.

    I thought I'd succeeded in installing the theme and stopping it from converting all the blog posts to ads, but several other aspects didn't seem to work properly, and it feels like there is some underlying problem somewhere. In particular, the demo has a My Dashboard link on the menu, I don't have such a page and the link on the top bar to My Dashboard goes to wp-admin rather than the user's dashboard.

    I'd create a completely new clean install if I knew how to import the blog posts and images back in.

    I'd also like some advice on how to import the ads.

    Finally is there any way of interfacing with Constant Contact? I've tried using the Constant Contact API plugin, but got fatal errors without even activating it.

    I'm happy to split these questions up, but I thought there might be one common issue.

    Many thanks


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