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Thread: Setting Up Categories

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    Setting Up Categories

    I'm new at setting up ClassiPress and would like advice on setting up categories for my free real estate classified ads site. Because I live in Vermont, I have started with these categories at

    Parent = Vermont Real Estate

    Child = Commercial Real Estate for Rent
    Child = Commercial Real Estate for Sale
    Child = Commercial Real Estate Wanted
    Child = Farms for Rent
    Child = Farms for Sale
    Child = Farms Wanted
    Child = Land for Rent
    Child = Land for Sale
    Child = Land Wanted
    Child = Residential Real Estate for Rent
    Child = Residential Real Estate for Sale
    Child = Residential Real Estate Wanted

    My plan is to have a Parent for each USA state with the same children. These ad categories now present like the attached. This presentation is NOT practical. How would you recommend I present all these categories?

    Ad Categories - 20141111.jpg

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