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Thread: upgrading to 3.1.6 classipress says inside 'jobroller'?

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    upgrading to 3.1.6 classipress says inside 'jobroller'?

    Hi was wanting to manually upgrade and this is the info:
    3.1.6 - 12/23/2011
    -facebook login was not working correctly
    -pagination issue with the homepage listing tabs
    -coupon currency symbol location option set to right side
    -Romania spelling in country drop-down
    -apostrophe got backslashed when saved in ad package settings
    -allow forced expiration of ads from the back-end
    -text strings missing from .po language file

    -language .mo files should be placed in a 'languages' folder in 'wp-content' instead of inside the 'jobroller' folder
    -swapped out get_currentuserinfo() and replaced with wp_get_current_user() on the user profile page

    not a very explicit way to manually fix and where is the jobroller folder? Is there anyway I can see which files to change manually as the transactions that disappeared in 3.1.5 I manually fixed and don't want to lose it again by using the file override. e.g. how to fix the facebook login and all the other fixes. Thanks a newbie to these upgrades....


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