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Thread: Upon installation, I don't want to migrate blog categories into ads.

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    Upon installation, I don't want to migrate blog categories into ads.

    I'm very excited to use this new theme, but I don't want all of my old blog post categories to now become ad categories. How can I get rid of this requirement?

    Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 9.45.27 PM.jpg

    It reads:
    ClassiPress upgrade required

    Your database needs to be updated before using this version of ClassiPress. It's important to first back-up your database BEFORE running this upgrade tool. We are not responsible for any lost or corrupt data. We recommend using the WP-DB plugin to easily back-up your database. To install it directly from within WordPress, just go to your 'Add New' plugins page and search for 'WP-DB-Backup'. For more instructions, see this page.

    What will this upgrade do?

    As of version 3.0.5, ClassiPress takes advantage of the new custom post types and taxonomies available in WordPress so we need to migrate your ads, ad categories, and copy your tags from 'posts' to 'ads'. See the new 'Ads' menu group in your left-hand sidebar? Yep, that's where we're going to move them to.

    This script will take any ads NOT assigned to your blog categories (and blog sub-categories) which in your case are: Uncategorized and move them over. If this does not look correct or you wish to move ads out of these categories, please do so before running this script. These blog categories are determined by your "Blog Category ID" option on your settings page.

    This script will attempt to move your 883 ads, 32 ad categories, and 213 tags under the new 'Ads' menu group. NOTE: Only tags assigned to an ad will be moved over so less than the total tags found (213 tags) will likely be moved.

    IMPORTANT: Once you click the update button below, there's no going back. Chances of anything going wrong are slim, and since you've already backed up your database, there's nothing to be worried about. This may take a while depending on how many ads you have. Please only click the button once.

    Note: This message will not disappear until you have upgraded your database.

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