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Thread: Coupon Title & Store Name Widths Displayed on Homepage - How to Change?

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    Coupon Title & Store Name Widths Displayed on Homepage - How to Change?

    Looking to edit or change the following:

    1.) Coupon Titles on the Homepage: how can I edit the maximum character width of the coupon titles (on the homepage), to be able to change the maximum width displayed before the "more..." kicks in. How do I turn the "More.." on or off?

    2.) Coupon Title Number of Rows on the Homepage: how do I alter the number of rows that are displayed on a coupon title without clicking into the coupon itself for full details? I would like to limit the rows on the title line to say one or two. If it goes past the limit, I'd like to setup the "More..." option.

    3.) Coupon Store Name on the Homepage: I would like to edit the number of rows a store name takes up (I would like to limit it to 2 rows) as right now I am getting some stores that are long enough that they wrap into a third row causing it to look off.

    4.) Along with these questions, I'd like to know where do I edit when the "more..." kicks in on a coupon on the homepage in general. What descriptions and titles can this feature be enabled for?

    Please be sure to let me know what filesI need to edit and what code needs altering. Thanks so much for your help!

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