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Thread: Confused on Balanced payments and Escrow with HireBee

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    Confused on Balanced payments and Escrow with HireBee

    Lets take one at a time
    Escrow Free Feature inside of HireBee: As I understand with the instructions Current version of HireBee supports escrow.
    Escrow is as I understand it Allows a payment to be made before work is started so the Freelancer can start work and know the payment is made and when he/she finishes the job they will be paid in full. Also in the Escrow setting the site admin can get a percentage of the payment.

    Balanced Payments Plugin (paid): It doesn't use paypal it uses credit card for payment and requires the Site Admin to sign up for the service and pay a fee like PayPal does per transaction.
    supports percentage and escrow.

    Am I correct in my statements above?
    and If yes Since HireBee supports Escrow with Adaptive Payments through Paypal and a percentage is given to the site admin there is no need for the Balanced plugin unless you rather use it then the built in payment through paypal adaptive.

    Now what really confused me is someone asked about percentage and staff replayed that you use the Balance Plugin two weeks ago
    Can someone clear this up for me getting conflicting info
    EDITED: I think I was reading it wrong tell me if I'm Correct
    Staff said
    It's now possible with paypal and balanced payments plugin.
    I understood it as with balanced plugin that also excepts paypal.
    or is it with PayPal OR Balanced Plugin?
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