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Thread: Feature request hirebee theme

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    Feature request hirebee theme

    I have some feature request for the Hirebee theme, and I would like to hear what other Hirebee theme users think of my ideas AND ofcource I like to hear from the staff what they think and if they can works things out to give Us a better theme experience and interface.

    1. Form builder, Option to duplicate forms, so we don't have to make a hundred forms all from start to.

    Form builder, Conditional logic for fields
    3. Form builder; Calender field , so userd can add start date of a listing AND all dates look equal on the website. Now users have to fill it in a text field?
    4. Form builder; Possibility to have fields aligned next to each other, just like the standard fields look alike.
    5. Addons, possibility to add them after you published a job ( so you can make for example two type of ads to choose from, both free but one 14 days and one for example 30 days and user can add and pay for addons later. Because you can place a job offer everywhere for free and users do not like when they have to pay right away when they want to publish a job.
    6. PLEASE PLEASE change the way to upload photos in a job listing! Users do not have to see every file you have in there, or what other have uploaded. You may like it, but I really don`t.
    7. Change de way photos look on the frontside (Show them bigger) AND have the photos opened by lightbox or somehing. Now there's just a tiny photo on the frontend with a link next to it, that you need to click to see actual size photo. AND it opens in a new window away where there is no website layout!! I mean come on guys! That is very oldfashion, and not of this time any more.
    8. Posiblillity to ad skills by typing them at the frontend. Now userd have to choose from predifined skills
    9. Option to configure the complete fields for registration page. And ability to use the form builder for that.
    10. 12. Abilty to change font size for at least categories and sub categories in the admin

    Just an idea.... Maybe you can insert Caldera forms plugin, wich is free to use, has a lot of functions and gets very regular updates.

    (BUG) FIXES;

    Location field does not work correct and can`t be used.

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