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Thread: many questions about hirebee..

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    many questions about hirebee..

    i have many questions about hirebee..

    1. can i use multi-language translation function..
    do i have to use other plugin or can use inner function.
    and can i make users to choice language?

    2. How can i upgrade themes.
    i bought jobroller a few months ago but i don't know how and where to upgrade..

    escpecially if i bought this theme, later you upgrade this theme like escrow function..
    then how can i upgrade the function.. or i wait buying till you complete the escrow function upgrade..?

    3. Can i fix the function of search or adjust?
    when find job, we use three dimentions like category, skill, location..
    but when find freelancer, we can use two level like skill, location..
    i want to use three or more dimentions like job searching when to find freelancer
    In korea, Sites gives users various dimentions in search ( examle : )

    4. can i make users to choice payment currency.. like korea Won..

    5. i think so many words at job and freelancer description part in front page.
    so, can i adjust the number of words at job and freelancer description in frontpage..

    6. is there the option mode of responsive function?

    7. last in my opinion, reference or rating function have better be restricted to employers who pay or escrow over some level payment..
    To prevent self rating..

    i am poor in english but woud be very happy if you answer the questions specifically..
    thank you..

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