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Thread: Moving 3 standalone sites to 1 multisite

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    Moving 3 standalone sites to 1 multisite


    We have three live sites currently running JobRoller. Two are standalone WP sites, and the third site is built on Multisite. The intention was to have all three running on multisite. The developer prior to me migrated all three sites into multisite and but made only the third live. I've been tasked with completing the migration.

    The problem is, while the bulk of the data for the third site is stored in a series of wp_5_ tables (5 being its multisite blog_id) all of the user information is stored in the global wp_users and wp_usermeta tables. I would have expected the user details for that site to be in wp_5_users and wp_5_usermeta tables. That way the users on that site are separated from the users in the other two sites.

    Can you please confirm where JobRoller expects its users to be stored?

    In the bulk of cases, we would want users to have access only to the site on which they registered. However, we may want to allow Recruiters access to all of the sites, in which case it would seem logical to allow them to be stored in the wp_users table???

    Thanks a lot.

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