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Thread: Problem with Clipper and Linkshare Plugin

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    Problem with Clipper and Linkshare Plugin


    Im using the latest Clipper with the latest Linkshare Plugin.

    Now I have 2 Problems:

    1. I did everything according to the Linkshare plugin Help site, and everything works properly, hundrets of merchants are already approved.
    Now. When import them on my site, for the most coupons it doesnt create a categorie, so I have 100 coupons but only 3 have categories, can anyone tell me why?

    2. For the most it doesnt show the stores image, but the clipper default image, can anyone tell me about that something?

    3. In Chrome i cannot click "Click to redeem", but i saw a thread already about that, I will check it out.

    But can anybody help about No. 1 and 2.?

    Thanks a lot!


    PS: Sorry i think the other thread i made, was in the wrong forum. Please delete it! Thanks Edit: sorry i thought this is Help with Clipper.. Jesus.. wrong again Why is there no delete button!?

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