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Thread: Problem with job duration on relisted jobs

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    Problem with job duration on relisted jobs


    I've come across a problem with the job listing duration for relisted jobs. The duration of a relisted job seems to start from the original listing date, not from the relisting date.

    I noticed this and did some listing a job for 1 day, waiting until it expired, then relisting for 30 days, but the relisted job duration is only 29 days. (and if I waited for say 5 days after expiration to relist, then it would've only relisted for 24 days).

    I also tried listing a job for 1 day, waiting until it expired, then relisting for 1 day, but the relisted job duration is only 7 hours.

    Also, it seems that if the original listing date + listing duration (original listing duration + new listing duration) is in the past (which can happen if there is some time before someone relists a job) then it seems to just randomly list for 4 days (job expires in 4 days).

    Unless I've done something wrong which I don't think I have, then it looks like the relisted date is set from the original published date when it should be recalculated from the current relist date.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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