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Thread: Welcome Page + Subdomain vs Subfolder

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    Welcome Page + Subdomain vs Subfolder

    Hello Community

    Hope you are well.

    I have a question/problem for anyone who is willing to answer.

    Before the question however, a few statements.

    - I have a website ( Whilst developing the new site I choose to put it on "". Thus enabling my old site to still be active.
    - I wanted a welcome page. This is currently sitting on "".


    I want to get off the sub-domain and move my whole site over to "" as I feel this is better for SEO (i.e. to have sub folders then sub domains).

    However, the "home" page at present would be (displaying the jobs listings).

    The current plan is to re-direct to (thus showing the welcome page). However this means that anytime anyone attempts to view the Jobs listings page (which was originally the front page) they will be redirected to

    I want to keep and am therefore thinking of adding the entire rest of the site underneath a subdomain i.e.'subdomain' (which will display the original site).

    So - will this have any impact to the site? i.e. with emails or postings or blogs etc etc.

    Could someone please advise?


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