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Thread: Google Maps API issues

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    Google Maps API issues


    I recently took over hosting a site that is using the Vantage theme. I have pretty extensive experience deploying solutions that use the Google Maps API's on various platforms. I have been unable to get them to display properly on this particular site. Example listing:

    I do have another Map plugin using a Google Maps API successfully operating on a different page on the site.

    So, I am confident that the API's are configured appropriately on the Google Developers Console.

    I have also thoroughly scoured the support forums here and confirmed that I have separate keys for each of the two sections in the Geo Settings. I have http filtering enabled for the keys (again the other deployment confirms the URL filter is set correctly).

    In addition, I have reviewed your tutorial and confirmed that I have the appropriate API's enabled from the library.

    Finally, I am aware that version 4.0.1 is available for Vantage but that it is not recommended for v3 users to migrate as the migration tools are not yet available. I do have the appthemes updater installed but it is telling me that all themes are up to date. However, the version of Vantage last updated from the previous developer is v3.0.2a. I believe there are updates within the 3.x series up to 3.0.9, but I am unable to locate them on your site or get them to trigger through your appthemes updater plugin. I am also not confident that the fix for this particular issue is present in any potential 3.x updates. I just like to start troubleshooting by making sure that I am running the latest stable versions of any of the tools that are in use.

    Not sure what I am missing. Please advise.

    Thank you.

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