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Thread: How to set up Stripe payment system?

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    How to set up Stripe payment system?

    How to set up Stripe payment system? Could you explain to me in detail the following as I have no idea about them? How to get these keys and whether to tick them or not? Thank you so much!

    Testing Settings
    Secret Key

    Publishable Key

    Live Settings
    Live Mode
    Enable to start using your Live API Keys
    Secret Key

    Publishable Key

    Other Settings
    Stripe Checkout Form
    Uses the Stripe Checkout Form instead of a self-hosted form.
    Secure Connection
    Force SSL Page
    Validate CVC code
    Refuse charges that report an invalid cvc code
    Require valid address/zip code
    Adds address and zipcode boxes to payment form. Refuses charges that report and invalid address or zipcode.
    Require cardholder name
    Add cardholder name to form. Will not influence if a charge is accepted or denied.

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