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Thread: issues with paypal orders

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    issues with paypal orders

    I've been having issues with orders paid with paypal. I have both free listings and paid listings. The most recent issue included someone that paid via paypal for a listing, I received confirmation of the payment from paypal, but the new listing in Vantage was showing "draft" rather than "pending". And the paypal payment in Orders was showing pending. There was an error
    Logged Date Message
    2017-01-10 21:05:16 Order Created

    Order attempted to be modified, but gave the following errors

    Given email address did not match

    I've taken out my emails for privacy reasons. Both the emails are active emails for my business account in paypal.

    I changed the listing from draft to published, and changed the order from pending to Complete, which creates a duplicate order. Then I had to changed the completed order to Active, and change the original order to failed. I can't figure out where to fix this miscommunication between Vantage and Paypal, and am not sure what is going on with the duplication of orders?

    I'm using Vantage 3.0.6-dev and WP 4.7. I've not had any of the issues that seemed to have come up with WP 4.7, but this paypal issue has been going on for awhile.

    thanks, Diana

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