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Thread: Responsive Website Issues

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    Responsive Website Issues


    I have 4 issues with the website ( I have tried getting a fix from all possible areas, contacting the forums and other designers and no one seems to have a clue. I am desperately trying to look for help. This will be the final straw, if I don't receive help - unfortunately I'll have to abandon the whole website.

    1. Website being dead slow on mobile, to the point it freezes and comparatively slow on desktop. This is after I upgraded the theme. The previous version worked fine. I am testing on iPhone and Android, haven't tested on blackberry yet.

    I have compared 2 other websites for load time issues ( - this is substantially fast.

    This is slow ( and this ( like my website (

    on iPhone and android, it takes more than 10-15 seconds to load. Initially I thought the map was a deterrent and so removed it, but the load time is still slow to a point it just chokes. Further using the search window is a hassle in itself, first it's so slow that I can't use it, and if at all it works the results load up very slowly.

    2. Meta Title and search

    For any website meta title is utmost crucial. Having the location of the business listing is something we absolutely need to have. I am using all in one seo plugin to add the titles, it can automatically pick up the titles for the default post or page in wordpress, but the business listing being a different module, there is no code present for that. Do you recommend using a different plugin to add the business location, otherwise the whole directory is useless in terms of search.

    3. Stars to show up in Google Search Results

    When you search for a business listing on Google it shows up with ratings, I was told by few moderators on this forum that version 1.2 will come enabled with this feature but that just not is the case. What's happening in those lines?

    4. Disable the categories that show up on the side in search.

    When we search some item and no results are found, it gives the list of categories - how can we hide it, or restrict it to search term selected? Because scrolling through the whole list is a pain.

    These things are the basic out of the box functionality of the theme and is not working as mentioned. I am not asking for any huge customization, I just want the site to work. Please help me.


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