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Thread: State or Province Specific Taxes

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    State or Province Specific Taxes

    I just happened to find out - way too late, shame on me - that taxes are a major issue for Canadian businesses billing customers in Canada. We must be able to setup different tax rates for each province and sometimes two taxes per province. The single tax rate in Vantage doesn't work for us at all.

    I've already purchased the theme and spent numerous hours setting up everything just to realize when configuring payments that I can't use Vantage because of taxes. The Paypal payment gateway is not an option since I can't force my customers to create a Paypal account - I would lose considerable income doing so. I need an easy to use and integrated credit card payment gateway.

    I'm sure this is also an issue for other countries. I couldn't find anything in the forums or plugins that could solve this HUGE problem. I was going to grow this website (and others) using other themes and plugins but if I can't figure this out I will have to completely move away from the AppThemes solution.

    Is there any way to do this in Vantage or via a plugin?


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