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Thread: Vantage support questions

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    Vantage support questions

    I purchased Vantage. I am interested in creating a directory for local companies in all the major cities in the US. I am working with a designer that is good with Wordpress but has not used Vantage. We just purchased it and I am trying to decide whether it will work for what I wanted to do. I have some questions. I would love to talk to someone but I will try to email and hope you will understand. Please let me know. Thank you for your help

    The directory would include free vs paid listings for advertisers. The free/basic listing would include the name, address, phone, and click to contact only. The paid/featured listing would include all of the free features. The featured listing would be top placed, have a different background color, have a logo, have a 5 star rating system, have reviews, have a click to contact form, have a link to website and have company info.

    Will the settings allow the limitation of features depending on whether you choose free or paid listings?

    If we cannot limit it the info they get with a listing, does that mean we would have to manually enter the info in order to limit the content of their listing?

    Can set it up to be notified when people write reviews, post ratings, or any kind of listing updates?

    My developer noted that this site is not done in HTML5 which he says will help to convert the web site when using multiple devices. Will your theme work well with all mobile devices?

    I noticed on mobile (My Iphone), it can be difficult to scroll down because of the way the map scrolls. Is there any way to change the scrolling on the map?

    Thank You
    I greatly appreciate your assistance.


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