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Thread: Adding a new usertype?

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    Adding a new usertype?

    I want to add a new user so freelancer and businesses

    Some people will want to represent there business for jobs rather than themselves personally.

    Is it a case of adding another usertype

    // Custom Roles
    define( 'HRB_ROLE_FREELANCER', 'freelancer' );
    define( 'HRB_ROLE_BUSINESS', 'Business' );
    define( 'HRB_ROLE_EMPLOYER', 'employer' );

    // "User Types"
    define( 'HRB_FREELANCER_UTYPE', 'freelancer' );
    define( 'HRB_FREELANCER_UTYPE', 'business' );

    Then I will need to create the achieve page for businesses too

    Anything else I will need?

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