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Thread: Changing Page Templates

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    Changing Page Templates

    Hi All,

    I am trying to change page templates in my child theme. Specifically, I want to remove the sidebar ("How To") in my Post-A-Project page (and maybe my How-It-Works page) and expand all other content.
    Separately, I have already been able to create my own Custom Template (for my own newly-created About Us pages etc) but these existing pages do not allow me to choose my Custom Template as an option when editing page attributes. I imagine that I must modify that specific page's php file (by creating a copy, removing the sidebar code, and widening the main column) and dropping it in my child folder... as I did with my "Custom Page". I hope that all fields expand when I do this..

    If this is in fact the way to do this, can someone point me to the correct php file to modify?

    If I am way off, maybe someone could help me change the template for this existing page in another way?


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