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Thread: Documentation on Workflow or business logic

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    Documentation on Workflow or business logic

    Does anyone have some documentation on the workflow or business logic for various key events in the freelance site?
    I am trying to understand the workflow design so that I can create instructions for my users.
    At this moment I will have to go through the various events and processes as an employer and then as a freelancer to try to figure out how the workflow is designed and what steps my users will have to go through for major events so that I can write instructions or tips for them to better use the site.

    For example, the Post a Project workflow will involve the following steps:
    3. etc

    What about the Project Proposal workflow?

    What happens after that? Project job offer? Completion of project? Payment of fees? Dispute management? Rating of freelancer? Rating of employer?

    Another example, how does the escrow system work? When and where does it fit into the project posting or project proposal or project offer workflows? If I select the escrow payment, where and when does that affect the workflows?

    I've tried to explain with a bit more detail so that you understand what I need and why I need it.

    Anyone has implemented the site and actually gone through the whole business process live?

    Will appreciate if anyone in this forum can share the documentation.

    I've posted a similar thread in the Help Using Hirebee forum.


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