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Thread: Reset credits to default value, but not if the user has purchased credits.

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    Reset credits to default value, but not if the user has purchased credits.

    Hirebee has the option to give a user some credits upon signing up, and then reset this quantity every month.

    I would like to use this reset feature, but if I create credit packs, then the obvious choice would be to create packs where the price per credit gets lower when the user purchases more credits.


    10 credits 10$
    20 credits 15$
    40 credits 20$

    The result would be that the user would buy 40 credits for 20$, because it is the best value per credit. But If I then reset the credits to the default value each month, then he will never purchase more credits if he has the risk of loosing the credits.

    So I think there should be different types of credits.

    Free credits that are reset every month to the default value
    Paid credits that are kept because they are paid for.

    The best solution would be to include an optional expiration date on the paid credits, so if they are not used within i.e 6 months they will be removed from the account.

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