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Thread: Problem with Wordpress upgrade 4.4.1

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    Problem with Wordpress upgrade 4.4.1

    I am using classipress 3.4.1 and Jibo 1.7
    My website was automatically updated to wordpress 4.4.1 from WP 4.4
    Now when someone creates an ad the last page for payment e.g gives a message
    "Whoops! Page Not Found.

    The page or listing you are trying to reach no longer exists or has expired."

    If the same page is accessed while you are logged out, it shows up fine.

    My other website was using same classipress 3.4.1, jibo 1.7 with WP 4.4 and it did not have any such problem.
    I updated that website to WP 4.4.1 and it also showed same error.

    I downgraded from WP 4.4.1 to WP 4.4 but the problem still remains.

    Also, the "pay now" pages for listings added before the WP update are working fine. But "pay now" pages for listings created after the update show page not found.

    Any help please.
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