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    Feed URL


    We have a working site that is connected with indeed for over 4 years. We get outstanding results from them. We are in the process of converting our site to Jobroller. We purchased your plugin with the hopes that we could make a near seamless switch when it comes time to move from development to live production with our new code platform.

    However we have run into some snags.

    Let's look at our old feeds which has been accepted for 4 years. We are indexed within minutes by indeed, simply hired, juju, and a couple other smaller sites.

    Our staging environment running JobRoller and Jobroller Indeed XML plugin.

    My thoughts are that I could use .htaccess to rewrite requests made to our old feed location to the new location, or a phone call to indeed to switch the URL string.

    However out output is not the same. There seems to be some kind of error with the feed. The CDATA tags are missing, although that probably does not matter. The formatting tags are missing and the first job title is not the actual job title. It is the page name? Comparatively speaking I do not know if this feed is acceptable with Indeed. We cannot risk losing our traffic from them.

    Curious as to what your team has to say about this. If you have any interest I can make available our source classes from our old app. It makes use of the open source library Obviously it would need to be adapted to a Wordpress environment.

    Michael Quale

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