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Thread: adding whole contry to job search and for search results

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    adding whole contry to job search and for search results

    //edit pls move to correct forums/jobroller mods/ sorry admins

    can someone make a mod/hack for $$
    -jobroller now when someone want to add a job, he needs to put there exact city and street. But there are jobs, when emplyer or HR agency dont want to provide full address, for example, job in Germany. Or job in germany -> county XYZ
    (or some area country atc consist of many cities and willages)

    thats why im looking for a mod, that will show on google maps for example, germany only, or france only, for example

    Looking for Repair Technician -> In Austin, Texas, United States (as you may see on the demo )

    but i need a mod, that will allow to input for example Texas, United States , only
    or Germany or any other country only.

    Is it possible to make something like this?
    from google forums i found something..

    " Add a "state" column to the database table and filter on that.
    (requires some knowledge of databases and SQL) "

    anyone skilled here?

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