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Thread: Anyone know how to get a refund!!

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    Anyone know how to get a refund!!

    Absolutely appalled by the lack of support with this theme. I get more support with FREE themes than I do here.

    I have had nothing but issues with JobRoller since buying it and can not seem to get them resolved.

    I use the latest JR and latest WP with NO mods or plugins installed and I have tried 3 different hosting companies.

    I currently experience issues in what seems to be two areas so far, but I have only managed to get as far as running a few test jobs to see them working.

    Issue 1 - Time - All WP setting and Server setting are set to UK (Europe/London), but when I post a job on my board it says a day less is remaining than it should be. i.e. I post a job for 6 days, and the front end tell users 5 days remaining.

    When it gets to expired, it says expired 24hrs before it actually greys out (Expires properly). THE SITE APPEARS TO BE 24HRS AHEAD and I can't figure out why.
    I have tried 3 different hosting companies also.

    Issue 2 - The job roller emails telling user that their job will expire in 5, 1 and expired days do not send. The cron jobs are running, but nothing is getting to my various test account emails on Google mail. I did have them working at one time, but decided to remove site and start again and now they don't work again. Again, I have not modified the server, WP or JR theme so can't understand what would be different.

    If I can't get help, I might as well ask for a refund and use a different job board script as available elsewhere.

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