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Thread: "Browse Resumes" as an advancement and not a default to all Employers

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    "Browse Resumes" as an advancement and not a default to all Employers

    Good afternoon!

    I'd rather not the "Browse Resume" tab to be available to all Job Listers. I do not want Job Seekers information to be visible to just anyone who registers as a Job Lister on my website. I have downloaded a plugin to define user roles however there is no option to disable Job Listers from seeing Resumes. Ideally, I would like this option to be available as an upgrade to legitimate employers and already have a new roll assigned to "Verified Job Listers". Is there any way around this?

    I also thought I could get around this by making the "Browse Resumes" tab a private page, or password protected. How would I go about doing this since the tab is not listed in the "Pages" options?

    Thanks in advance and I love the Job Roller theme

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