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Thread: A Cross between Classipress and Jobroller?

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    Smile A Cross between Classipress and Jobroller?


    We have this specific need and thinking how to do it better. We do have a club membership and access to all themes.
    We are listing the needs as below and the words in the brackets are what we though could achieve them.

    What we plan to do is to list our pool of home guitar teachers on the website and to attract new teachers to list their profiles on our website. (eg. Resumes in Job Roller)

    Then the students could contact the teachers on their own. They should create a free account to login and view the profiles. They could also cretate their own "job listing" for teachers to contact them? (Job Roller)

    We would like to website to be able to group the teachers by location or their preferred location. (eg. Classipress)
    And the home page would be the locations or the teachers profiles, much like the Classipress Homepage layout.

    A few questions please.

    I am wondering if JobRoller could be set to display the List of Resumes on the homepage instead of the Job listings?

    At the same time, do you think its possible to customize an installation of Classipress to achieve our needs?

    Any suggestions are also welcome please.


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