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Thread: Hide specific job packs from recruiters.

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    Hide specific job packs from recruiters.

    Hi everyone,

    Bought the JobRoller theme recently, and I'm loving it so far!

    Basically, I would like to hide one of my Job Packs. I have 2 paid job packs, which will give X amount of listings per month. These are good for big recruitment agencies or self-employing companies, but I have a free Pack which gives smaller recruiters 5 listings for 3 months. The only way you would be able to get this job is if one of our sales team personally signs them up for it, as a introductory offer. The recruiter would then be able to add their 5 jobs, and if they think it's worth it (either through successful candidates or sheer volume of applications), they can then sign up for one of the normal job posting packs.

    Summary: Is there a way to choose whether or not to display particular packs on the Job Packs page? Because I don't want any random company to sign up for the free pack, as they will have to come through us first, via a 'free trial' offer on the Recruiters landing page.

    Thanks in advance,


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