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Thread: How to Design Child Themes to Make Upgrading Seemless?

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    How to Design Child Themes to Make Upgrading Seemless?

    I have a pretty extensive custom child theme for my jobroller site, with multiple design tweaks as well as changes to the core functionality of the site (particularly custom fields for job posts and search). I've done this by copying the relevant theme files to my child theme, and then modifying them as necessary.

    The problem with this is that every time jobroller gets upgraded, I have to check each file in my child theme manually against the file in the new version of jobroller to see what changes have been made, and if I need to copy any of these changes to my child theme. This is a lot of work.

    My question is, is there an easier solution to structuring a child theme so there isn't so much manual review every time a jobroller update is released?

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