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Thread: Job Roller - Job Seekers vs. Employers 'IF' conditions

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    Job Roller - Job Seekers vs. Employers 'IF' conditions

    In the past I was apply to hide the "submit a job" successfully from guest & job seekers.

    I would like some help creating simple IF conditions for Job Seekers & Employers.


    If Guest are viewing - you can see all of the buttons but redirected to register or sign once clicked. (this is good)

    After that point I want to:
    If logged in as the Job Seeker - News, featured jobs, companies directory, is seen
    If logged in as the Employer - News, submit job (already done), advertising, "employers type info", etc,etc. ...I want different buttons shown to employers

    Meaning Job Seekers & Employers see different options when logged in. The same way If conditions for the dashboard is set-up.

    If all else fails I want to hide at least 1 button from Employers when they are logged in.

    How can this be accomplished? Can I have some help from the community with this?

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