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Thread: Move "types / filter" to where location used be before radius / location deletion

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    Move "types / filter" to where location used be before radius / location deletion


    Please have a look at my newest site under construction BC Technology Jobs Vancouver IT Recruitment

    and you will note that I have used the info provided via eyecool and jomarkosabel to remove the location / radius function - and as well am using my "job types" as more of categories within an industry.

    I would really like to move the "job types" to the same line beside the search bar and get rid of that extra space.

    At the very least I want to remove that line "latest jobs" followed by the RSS button at the right which is useless.

    Can you folks please advise me where and how I can do this? Is it in the pro.css or? And what exactly do I do to make the change. If you look at the front page you will see why this would be a great "cleanup" and as well have the search and filter functions together - where in my case they should be.

    Many thanks,

    Mark BC Technology Jobs Vancouver IT Recruitment

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    Thank you and have a nice day.

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