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Thread: Multisite - Default User Role and Option to Change or Upgrade

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    Multisite - Default User Role and Option to Change or Upgrade

    Hi there,

    I'm using a JobRoller on a Multisite setup and is active on a subsite. The problem here is, when people are already a member on the Main site they cannot re-register for the jobboar and be able to select their user role (jobseeker or recruiter).

    Is there a solution for this as in: be able to set a default user role for JobRoller and also for user to be able to change/upgarde their membership/role?
    So we can still provide the service for seekers and recruiters.

    I have been looking at this thread:
    Someone here have this running successfully? Or is is still working?

    Or maybe someone knows a plugin to make it possible for users to switch roles?


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