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Thread: Strange Orders - Bugs or not?

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    Strange Orders - Bugs or not?

    We run a fairly busy job listing site using JobRoller and in the last few months have experienced some strange occurances.

    Following are three examples:
    Example 1:
    A customer bought a 5 job pack and listed a job. I got an email saying job was submitted, but there was no paypal payment and the customer was charged $0 for a 5 job pack. I gave them a ring to see what had happened and they said she clicked on the charity job pack and went to the next step and it said $0 and thanked her for the payment. They also said that a few of the other job packs she could have selected said $0.

    Example 2:
    Another customer posted a job on the 28th Jan. I didn't receive a job submitted email which I usually would. On the 29th they posted a twitter comment asking how long it would take to approve and that they wanted to pay by invoice.
    I saw the job in job drafts, but there is nothing under orders saying pending payment etc.

    Example 3:
    Job Packs not working correctly.
    Two customers both bought 10 job packs a while back (Customer A in July and Customer B in October), but have each placed 8 jobs (and Customer A has 1 job remained and Customer B has two on the user profile).

    Are these issues all related? Is it a bug being caused by JobRoller or is something else the cause of these issues?

    The site is being run on shared hosting so perhaps there is a database call that is failing when this happens.

    Interested to hear what the community thinks as this could be a major issue should we begin to market our site to a larger audience.

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