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Thread: WPML and jobroller - incompatible!

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    WPML and jobroller - incompatible!

    Dear Jobroller team,

    You really must be ashamed of yourself, selling this product! You sell this product as if it is multilingual. Which is NOT. It is not compatible with WPML, the most used multi language plugin for wordpress. WPML has an excellent help desk and they did all they can to help me solve my problem but unfortunately, because of the incompatibility of your software with WPML they could not make it work. They are contacting you now to cooperate to make Job Roller work. They used to have a contact at Jobroller but this person left and after that nobody of your company took the initiative to finish the project. Please do something. Respond on their open hand to make the two programs work. There will be many clients who are waiting now for years for a solution. Please send me a confirmation that at least the 2 companies are in contact! And for now please write in the description of your product that Jobroller is NOT compatible with WPML so no more extra clients will find themselves in an hopeless situation!

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