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Thread: Bugs in JobSuggest

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    Bugs in JobSuggest

    Hi there,

    I purchased your plugin a while ago.
    For some reason the plugin is not working at all.

    When I try to install it,I constantly get this message:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'endif' (T_ENDIF) in C:\xampp\htdocs\default\wp-content\plugins\jobsuggest\jobsuggest-jobroller-plugin.php on line 219

    I have created a fresh install of jobroller and a new database with no plugins and no modifications so I have determined that is the plugin and not my site.

    We bought this plugin to cut down on Development time and this is a coding issue.
    Can you please provide me with a new install file with no coding issue as this is affecting my customers.I don't have time to go through and de-bug a plugin I purchased to save me time.



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